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HCSO Launches Revised Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)
40 hour Program

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office will launch a revised Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) 40 hour program. The CIT training curriculum consists of mental health crisis awareness training as well as verbal and physical intervention techniques.

CIT training is to be utilized by law enforcement officers in their efforts to calm, contain, control and/or otherwise de-escalate an individual who is experiencing mental health crisis.

“Mental health issues don’t discriminate, it affects people in all walks of life and I believe it is law enforcement’s biggest hurdle,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister. “In law enforcement, it is vital to constantly enhance our training to ensure best practices so we are better prepared to aid an individual in crisis.”

All deputies with HCSO will go through this mandatory training, beginning in June. It will be a five-day training session. (Read more here.)

NAG members with Mayor Jane Castor’s “Mental Illness Awareness Week” Proclamation.

NAMI Advocacy Groups (NAG) work to promote a better quality of life for individuals living with mental health conditions and their families by establishing a coordinated network of advocates across the state.

NAG utilizes the NAMI Smarts for Advocacy, a hands-on advocacy training program that helps people living with mental illness, friends and family transform their passion and lived experience into skillful grassroots advocacy.

During the training, participants will:

  • Learn the most effective ways to connect with policy makers
  • Create an inspiring and compelling story that makes an “ask” within  90 seconds
  • Draft an effective email, make an elevator speech and practice an impactful phone calls
  • Prepare for successful meeting with elected officials

The unique step-by-step, skill-building design of NAMI Smarts is effective with a wide range of participants, including those who are new to advocacy as well as individuals with years of experience.

Lobbyists who represent NAMI State Organizations or mental health coalitions also love this program—they see participants come out confident and able to share their story in a way that moves policymakers.

The Hillsborough County NAG meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm at the Children’s Board, 1002 E Palm Ave, Tampa, FL 33605.  Upcoming NAG Meetings.

For more information on NAG and NAMI Smarts for Advocacy, contact Carol Eloian.

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