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March 2021

Women’s History Month
Did you know?
Harriet Shetler and Beverly Young were unhappy with the lack of services and the treatment available to those living with mental illness. They were also tired of being blamed for their sons’ mental illness.  #WomensHistoryMonth 💚

Calling All Passionate Teachers, Trainers & Leaders!

NAMI Hillsborough is currently looking for passionate trainers, teachers and leaders to facilitate our signature programs.

In order for us to get our much needed courses, support groups and presentations to the people who need it most, we need your help.
We need people living with a mental illness (peers), parents of children living with a mental illness, Veterans, high school students, college students and more. Email us at

Need Support?

Feeling heard and understood is important to mental health recovery.

During the Connection Recover Support Group, adults experiencing mental health conditions can share their challenges, receive support and learn strategy to aid their journey.

If you or someone you know needs support, join us each week:
Monday at 3pm ET, Wednesday at 6pm ET, and/or Friday at 6pm ET.

We’d love to see you. Click below for our Support Group Schedule.

Support Groups

What's Happening: NAMI Hillsborough

January 7, 2021

NAMI Hillsborough, a nonprofit that serves individuals and families affected by mental illness, will be able to provide more support to community members thanks to a $4,500 contribution from AT&T.

AT&T awarded the money as part of an initiative to provide funding and resources to Tampa Bay area nonprofit organizations impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Since the pandemic began, the demand for mental health services significantly increased in Tampa Bay and throughout the country.

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